"Stop the world!  I need to get off!    
but only for a little while
         You know…for some R & R & R & R…
                            (rest, recuperation, refocusing, revitalizing)…
                                    then, I'll return to face it all again…."

Does that battle cry resonate in your life?  

Did you know that, as women, we are physically able to use both sides of our brains at the same time?  That ability has enabled us to become adept at multitasking and, in times past, served us well.  We were able to lovingly and creatively take care of our children while focusing on our other responsibilities…farming, doing household chores, etc.  But the rhythm of those times was different. The work was often hard and exhausting, but nature and family structure built in down times also.

Over the last half century, our lives have sped up and cultural values have made a major shift.  Today, women are taking on multiple roles as they adapt to these changes.  Stress is rampant!  We square off to face life and its challenges instead of joyfully stepping into life and gracefully embracing it.  Consider the following scenarios.  Are they relating your life story?   

♦  Do you juggle household and family responsibilities while having to
    earn money and trying to find time for personal interests?

♦  Do you strive for perfection as you bring home the bacon and fry it up
    while caressing a baby on your hip, but never seem to get ahead financially?

♦  Do you feel a sense of losing control or helplessness?

  Do you feel overwhelmed?

♦  Do you work hard in your business or at your job, but lack the income
    level (or checkbook balance) to prove it?

♦  Do you have a gnawing feeling that you know what needs to be done, but
    you just can't focus or make it happen?

♦  Do you lack energy due to sleepless nights, little exercise or poor diet?

The good newsYou are not alone!  Millions of women are experiencing the same things.  They may appear to be Super Woman, but for the vast majority of us, it is a cracking facade held together with duct tape and hidden behind layers of pancake makeup!

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♦  Are you ready for YOUR Breakthroughs?

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